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19 July 2016

Decision Making Models – How Do You Decide?

Jairek Robbins


Facebook live notes: There are many decision making models that people come up with. The most consistent one is “I trust my instincts.” This is awesome but it doesn’t always work. When you are at your best, it would make sense to trust your instincts because you are in tune with yourself, the environment, gut feeling, etc. But what happens when you are at your worst? You are tired, hungry, frustrated — something happens and you are literally pushed to make a decision. When you are not in your best form, I doubt that your intuition will make the best decision.


How do you make a decision when you are in that position?

The truth is you can’t delay making a decision all of the time.


Here are a few different decision making models that will give you a lot of perspective on how you can make a decision.

Intuition —

This works when you are at your best. But you would need a back-up plan when you are at your worst (i.e. hungry, tired, stressed, etc.)

SWOT Analysis

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats


Based on my Dad’s method of making all big decisions. I will give you some rules:

  1. All decisions should be made at a peak state
  2. All decisions must be made on paper
  3. Only write down the hard facts

O  =  Outcome. What is your outcome?

O = Options. What are my options? According to the system, you have to have 3 options so you will have a choice

E  = Evaluate


= Has to be greater than or equal to (based on Brendan Bruchard’s concept)

Time, Energy, Resources, Money, Sanity


SMART Choices


Question: How do couples make decisions together when their values are not necessarily in alignment?

(And when a decision is made, to follow through together.)


The challenge is when you first got together, did you sit down as a couple and say “first off, as an individual — what do you value?” Once you have done your values, what are the rules? What has to happen for you to achieve that rule?

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