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1 June 2016

Avoid This Costly LinkedIN Mistake Most Entrepreneurs Make

Jairek Robbins


When was the last time you generated $10,000 through LinkedIN? For most, the answer is likely never. That’s because we’ve been trained to use LinkedIN for only one thing – job hunting – until now.


I recently sat down with John Nemo, a best-selling author and LinkedIN trainer, to discuss how he has turned LinkedIN into a profit generating tool rather than a job-search tool and now teaches others how to do the same.

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John explains that the most common problem with LinkedIn profiles is that most people write their LinkedIn profiles in 3rd party and simply focus on themselves. The real ROI for LinkedIn comes from creating, what John calls, a “client-facing profile”.


A client-facing profile takes the conversation from being purely focused on you to sharing how your experience aligns perfectly with your prospects goals and mission.


In today’s JRCtv episode, which is available exclusively via our podcast, John will highlight the 3 P’s that he helps you create a system around:


1.     Profile – What do you optimize for? He breaks down exactly how to optimize your profile so you’re easily found by your prospects.
2.     Prospect – How to find your ideal prospects. What’s the best way to connect with them?
3.     Tune in for the 3rd and final P, which will help the bottom line of your business tremendously.

The system he teaches requires only 1 hour a day and will help you break through gatekeepers and connect directly with your prospect. Pure gold.


John has graciously agreed to do some special online training that is live and for members of the JRC community!



It’s all about how to use LinkedIn to generate more sales leads, clients and revenue for your coaching program or small business.


John Nemo is the real deal – in addition to personally helping rewriting my profile, he’s also rewritten LinkedIn profiles for the likes of Chris Brogan, John Lee Dumas and many other big names in business and marketing.


He’s given me great pointers personally and so I encourage you to check out his free training.

Be sure to let me know what you learned and loved most!




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