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20 April 2019

100 Day Personal Performance + Business Growth Challenge (Day 78): Dreaming of an escape?

Jairek Robbins

How much are you daydreaming yourself out of the life you currently have?

Jairek Robbins Are Daydreaming Your Life Away

Are you driving by the highway lottery signs and dreaming about traveling, quitting your job, leaving your relationship or what you would be able to do for the person you are in a relationship with?

No one is immune to these types of thoughts. At some point, we all reach a point where a little more – ok maybe a lot more – or a change becomes appealing. And so the daydreams start, and the life you are in starts to feel painfully uncomfortable.

In those moments lie a decision, do you continue to daydream, to hope and wish for a better life, or do you take action towards it. We firmly believe that our dreams come to us because somewhere in our subconscious we know we are 100% capable of making them happen.

For some, it’s just a small tweak or sacrifice, for others it will require more discipline.

Listen in today as we discuss small steps towards turning those daydreams into your reality. Be sure to download to days worksheet to help you break down your wishes into action steps.

To Your Success,

Jairek Robbins



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