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18 April 2019

100 Day Personal Performance and Business Growth Challenge: (Day 76): Getting Back into Your Groove

Jairek Robbins

I’d like to know, how many of you feel like you are absolutely in your “A game” right now, are you at your absolute best? So 0-10, 10 being absolutely at your prime with the best results currently in your business, your finances, your health and fitness, emotionally, your relationship; how do you feel currently? Rate yourself on a scale of 0-10.

How many of you feel like you need to do something to get back in the groove? Now, this is important because I have noticed with the companies where I do some consulting or coach or help to lead their weekly team discussions, I have noticed a trend that some of them have slipped a little, meaning January was fantastic, February was solid, March was really good but at the beginning of April things started going down real fast. I don’t know whether you are also experiencing that at the moment; I know some of my clients are killing it better than ever before while some have slipped a little.

What I noticed is that some things changed. And when I ask them what exactly has changed, they say they don’t know because they are doing everything they were doing when it was working.

I then ask them to pause and try to remember whether they, at any one point, stopped doing what they were doing at the same intensity during any time period. After thinking for a while, they realize that actually, that is what happened.

They started the year on a high and kept going through the months at the same pace, but somewhere in March when things were so good, they started doing little things to reward themselves and that distracted them, and they started going off track. And now, they say they are doing all the things that they used to do before but the results aren’t showing.

And I said to them, “There’s a lag factor going on, and therein lies the key for the lesson today. Think back to the moment when you were absolutely crushing it, getting the best results you’ve ever obtained in that aspect of your life.”

The key is, when you look for that moment when you were dominating that aspect of your life, look for what you were doing a couple of weeks before you started noticing that outstanding level of achievement/results.

What you were doing in the week when you saw the results isn’t actually responsible for those results.

I remember, I was doing some light bodybuilding and my trainer told me that regarding my abs, anything I ate with salt in it would take about six weeks to add extra water weight to my body. He added that it takes about six weeks for that water weight or extra weight to clear from the body.

That meant that whatever I did six weeks earlier is what would be showing on my abs or tummy today. This is exactly the same thing going on in your business, your health, your relationship or any other area of your life. Whatever result you are getting right now is a reflection of what you were doing six weeks ago, five weeks ago, or three weeks ago, and so on. It isn’t a reflection of what you are doing today.

If you are killing it, great! Whatever you did earlier stacked up. Here’s the key, don’t stop doing it or else three, four or five weeks from today you will experience a low and you will wonder what happened. That week you took off work affects your results weeks later. It catches up in the future, not right now.

For those doing well, keep at it. And for those who gave themselves a low personal rating that describes how they are doing, just rewind to the time when you were at your very best. Then, measure two to six weeks prior to that and find out what you are doing in some categories, such as;

When you assess what you were doing mentally, emotionally and physically, you will start to notice a pattern emerging. You will notice that when you do certain things mentally, emotionally and physically, your results go up. Conversely, you will also notice that when you stop doing some or all of those things, then your results tumble.

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When you start doing the things that you did before you hit peak performance, it will not be long before your results start coming up in tandem with the effort you are putting in. So, take time and review what you were doing mentally, emotionally and physically leading up to the great results you enjoyed. Repeat it, put it back in motion over the next few days and see what happens.

Remember, there’s a lag time. If you start doing it today and expect results tomorrow, you will see some results but the best outcomes will be observed a little (several weeks) later if you keep doing what produced results in the past.

Go for it and get back into your groove!

To Your Success,

Jairek Robbins

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