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12 August 2014

Why Striving For Perfection is Anything BUT Perfect.

Jairek Robbins

It’s not easy being a perfectionist. In fact, it can cause a TON of stress, discomfort, and unhappiness. So why do we do it?

Perfectionism not our friend.


Often the feeling of needing to be perfect is really fear wearing a mask. It’s the very fear that has been slowing us down and holding us back in various areas of our life.


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So how do we strive to create and deliver an outstanding product, service, or relationship if perfection is not the goal?

The answer: PROGRESS

Progress provides greater return on investment time and time again. Why?


Go back to the last time you felt, happy, fulfilled, and accomplished when working on a big project. Was it a time when you stressed over the tiny little details, the things that not even a detective would notice, or was it when you put your heart into it, to make sure the things that really mattered were cared for and that you continue to make forward progress?


The real outcome, the big dreams and visions truly come alive when you continue to make progress. So don’t give up on your goals and dreams over it not being perfect. Make sure you hold yourself accountable to one thing: progress!


Growth and bigger/better results will come with time, experience, and due diligence to see that you continue to learn and grow throughout the process of making progress.


In today’s episode, we will dive deeper into why being perfect is detrimental to our success and why progress is really our best friend.


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