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8 August 2016

Where to Find The Best Information Or Sources For Personal Growth

Jairek Robbins

don't believe everything you read on the internet quote abe lincoln
Today we are going to focus on helping you create a system to identify what works in life – like what REALLY works. Our goal is to help save you lots of time and money through your personal growth and development journey. When we start looking for answers and solutions to help grow our business, improve our performance, strengthen our relationships, etc we are flooded with options. There are tons of books, tapes, videos, online programs…etc. What’s fascinating is the first answer that you find are NOT ALWAYS the best answers, for you. which leads us to the big question…


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How do you figure out the difference between the really valuable information and the not-so-valuable information?


How do you avoid people that charge ridiculous amounts of money for not so useful stuff and people who charge you the right amount of money or no money at all for useful stuff.

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What factors need to be present in your personal filter to comb through large amount of information and automatically identify what is worth applying and what’s not worth applying at all?


There are a handful of things that I look for personally. A few examples are…


  1. Personal Success – If I want to learn from them or study what they have done, I want to know that they’ve had personal experience getting the job done – successfully – so that I can repeat what worked.
  2. Personal Failure– I also try and find who has messed it up so that I can learn the things that I should definitely NOT do. Just observe how they do it, when they do it, what they read and when you get their patterns you will be able to find out what to avoid.

(Not mentioned, but certainly a given – ethics. Make sure their practices are ethical.)


What are a few key factors to look for:

ROI (return on investment) – anytime I read a book, take a program, go to a seminar or a class, attend a course, etc. I look for the ROI that is going to come out of this and not just physical or monetary ROI but emotional ROI. How will this help you grow as a person? As a professional?…etc.


Define your personal values – what is most important to you in life, health, finances, relationships, spirituality…etc. Does the person teaching this concept in life is aligned with the values I think are most important in life?

If they do, they are probably a good reflection to learn some knowledge from it. If they don’t, even if it is great knowledge, the way they are going to teach it and what they stand for might violate what you stand for therefore it is not the best place to gather knowledge.


We hope this helps you on your journey of growth in any and every area of life. If you ever need help to point you in the right direction, shoot me a message. My BS meter is great in sifting through what’s legit out there and what’s not.


To your success,


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