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31 March 2015

What To Do With Your Billion Dollar Idea

Jairek Robbins

john-cage-i-can-t-understand-why-people-are-frightened-of-new-ideas-i-m-frightened-of-old-ones-framed-quoteIs This You?
Ever had a brilliant idea jump out at you in the middle of a shower, a workout, or simply randomly in the workday??


I mean a million (or even BILLION) dollar idea that is so exciting, so compelling, that you can hardly focus on finishing the project(s) you are currently working on?


Today is an extra special edition of JRCtv because it’s actually a sneak peek on a topic we cover the in the 30 day Rapid Results Formula 2.0 program. This episode is designed to help you hold on to those million dollar ideas all while helping you stay focused, be super productive and achieve massive success.


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So tune in and grab today’s download to maximize the potential of this idea, yet not abandon ship on your current projects.

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The key to juggling the your million dollar ideas while maintaining momentum on current projects is creating a project binder. However, there’s a key ingredient to help you hold on to, pause, start, or pick back up on projects and other great ideas without letting them go to waste. You’ll see what I mean when you get today’s download.


There is a sense of urgency that someone may even come up with your same idea before you are able to put it to action, so it feels like you have to do it RIGHT NOW. However true that may be, this is why the project binder, or idea binder, is so incredibly important and formatted in a very specific way.


If we abandoned every project we ever started because we came up with another brilliant idea that seemed to overshadow the current project, we would never get anything done. Thus, we’d always be crushed by competition because we are letting ourselves crush our own ideas currently in the works. You get what I mean.


You see when you have multiple ideas and projects all happening at the same time, it creates more of a hot mess in your head than a streamlined thought, so rather than giving each project less than 100% effort, the goal is to complete a project before moving on to the next.


But in the meantime, you can continue to add to your project/idea binder to make sure once all is said and done, you can pick up and get moving forward on the next idea with the same amount of energy, passion, and fire as if you literally just jumped out of the shower with a million dollar idea right now.


Enjoy today’s episode and start using the project binder pages from today’s download so it’s super easy to pick the idea right back up and move forward on it days, months, or even years down the road!
To your success,

Jairek Robbins


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