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4 February 2014

What Is Your Health & Fitness Identity??

Jairek Robbins

…and WE’RE BACK!!!

After a short break during our Rapid Results Retreat and Kindness Loves Company Volunteer Roadtrip, we are so excited to have JRCtv back and rockin! Over the next few weeks we’re going to be coaching you on health and fitness, love and relationships, freedom and fulfillment, and finally travel and adventure!! So be sure to tune in each week for tons of incredible tips, tools, and advice to help you tap into your true potential achieve maximum momentum in achieving your goals and dreams!!


This week our focus is on health and fitness. This is an area where our coaching clients have a lot of fun! With our daily and weekly tracking system, it’s really helped many coaching clients achieve results they’d dreamed of for years! The best part is, when they stepped up their game in health and fitness the positive results rolled over into their love life and business as well!! This is exactly why we are thrilled to share some of these great tools with you today! While the tracking system we use is a great way to hold them accountable, there was something greater that helped them achieve their goals.

They changed their healthy & fitness identity.

They didn’t just do another fad diet, forget those. They didn’t create tons of rules of what they can and cannot eat. Our clients took massive action to truly change their identity and their habits. In today’s download, we’re going to help you do the same thing!

When it comes to taking massive action in your health and fitness, it’s important to be very clear as to what your current identity is and what you would like it to be.

With each one of our coaching clients, one thing we do is ask them: “When it comes to health and fitness, how would you describe yourself? How would you identify yourself?”

Some might identify themselves as: “athletic”, “passionate”, “disciplined”. Others may identify themselves as: “confused”, “lost”, “eh”. Regardless of their response, we always ask them this, “How would you like to identify yourself in health and fitness?”

Once we know their ideal identity, we want to lock it in, and the transformations and results are absolutely incredible!

How do you lock in your personal identity for health and fitness?

For our personal coaching clients, we have an in-depth 12 week habit tracking tool, which has done wonders in helping transform people from who they were to who they are.

Today, we are going to share a sneak peek of a few great tools via a download that will help you start shifting your current identity to your NEW health and fitness identity. Simply drop your name and email in the box below and the download will be sent straight to your inbox!


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