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6 February 2013

What is SACRED in your life? How do you PROTECT it?

Jairek Robbins


I have a fun Video-Blog update for you!

On our Rapid Results Retreat (www.RapidResultsRetreat.com) this past December as we were traveling through Central and South America… I found myself feeling a bit sad after visiting the Embera Indian Village.

When we were at the village we were told that with-in the next 7 years the tribe/village would go extinct. It was because all the younger generation did not honor the INCREDIBLE sacredness that they have in their daily lives.

Instead they were so caught up with trying to achieve, experience and have all the “things” that they see people around them experiencing, that they de-valued the magnificence of the life they already have!

It seems like so many people (especially in 1st world countries) do this constantly!

I made this video to share with you a few insights from our journey and to help spark a few ideas that can help you to identify and protect the sacred moments, people and opportunities in your own life!



[youtube_sc url=”UR_POpTvg7o” width=”550″ height=”340″ modestbranding=”1″ rel=”0″]


2 simple questions…


1. What do you hold SACRED in your life??


2. What rituals do you have to ensure that you both cherish it, as well as protect it?


Looking forward to hearing from you! Please leave your answers below…


PS: Please PAY IT FORWARD and pass this post to the people you know that need to hear it!

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