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14 March 2016

What If You Are Wrong… Then what?

Jairek Robbins


A few years ago I was invited to a friends house with a group of really successful (based on their business and financial achievements) people.

They owned companies, had booming internet businesses and were heavily immersed in personal development. They used what they learned to create an unstoppable mindset, forge their way through hard times and to condition their mind to always find the good in anyone and anything around them.

As we all sat down to have a conversation led by a good friend (who happens to be a monk from India), there was a question that I’ll never forget.

One of the guys raised his hand and asked… “What if you have a negative family member, friend or colleague who constantly tries to pull you down and consistently tells you that you drank to kool-aid and that all the books you read, events you go to and programs you buy are a waste of time and money?”.

As our friend was contemplating the question I couldn’t help myself and blurted out… What if we are wrong? What if in the end we wake up one day and realize that everything we believed in was just flat out wrong?

There was an awkward moment of silence. People gave me some funny looks and were a bit confused as to why I was saying this. Especially considering that I grew up in the industry of personal development and am wildly passionate about it!

I do my best at least once every few months to question all that I am up to and purposefully create doubt. This sounds strange but it helps to strengthen and rebuild a solid belief system to support all that we do as well as weed out anything we are focused on that doesn’t actually server a purpose we believe in.

This TED talk is a great example of this concept in action… enjoy!

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