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22 May 2018

Is the Media Influencing Your Goals & Dreams?

Jairek Robbins


What dream is being marketed and sold right now at this point in history??


If you wanted to make your mark in the world today, what do you feel you would need to do?


How much of what you do, or aspire to do, is being influenced by the media and/or the people around you?


This is an important conversation, because if you are being sold a dream and are not sure in yourself, you may wake up one day with the feeling that you have lost out on time and energy, chasing something that was not in alignment with who you are.


This is the conversation we are having today.


Today we will question and uncover:


Check it out below and we would love to hear from you… what is your dream and how is it being influenced?



To your success,


Jairek Robbins

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