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23 February 2011

What does “home” mean to you!?

Jairek Robbins

Flying back home from an AMAZING weekend in the Bahamas and was pondering on the thought… What does “home” really mean!?

I’ve had the privilege of living all over the world… NY, Boston, Atlanta, Irvine, Los Angeles, Tampa, even the MV Explorer (40,000 ton cruise ship, for 3 months), Kangulamira (a rural village in Uganda) and last where I am headed tonight San Diego!

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To me home is that incredible feeling that you get when you are around people you love! When you wake up in a place that makes you smile. When you are around people that cause you to strive to be a better you!!

I’d love to hear what “home” is to you… Join in on the discussion discussion via facebook (My Facebook Page )

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