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27 September 2021

What do you choose to prioritize? 

Jairek Robbins

What do you choose to prioritize? 

We just finished three 12+ hour days of board meetings with the companies we serve as board members. It was intense + insightful to hear all the different challenges the companies face and all the creative ways the CEOs came up with to solve them. 

***Three days earlier***

We were preparing for the board meeting and building out our board report. It was pretty clear that our business didn’t quite hit the target we had set out to hit for the first few quarters of 2021. 

We had grown 142% combine over the past three years and were attempting to keep the same growth pace for this year! 

We were also attempting to… 

  1. Learn how to be great parents for the first year of Koa’s life 
  2. Keep our relationship as our #1 priority 
  3. Stay healthy + fit 
  4. Add a guest house, office, new kitchen, + more to our new home in Puerto Rico.  
  5. Complete accounting with Harvard Business School + attend three additional business courses.

And a ton of other projects all at the same time. 

One of the biggest lessons I learned a few years back — that resulted in our business’s 142% growth was to PRIORITIZE and stay focused on the MOST IMPORTANT projects. 

The phrase I kept hearing in my head was, “You can do ANYTHING, just not EVERYTHING at the same time.” 

As we wrapped up the board report and board meeting preparation, it was 100% clear we needed to figure out what we were going to SAY NO / NOT RIGHT NOW to SAY YES to the most critical projects in our life. 

How in the world are we supposed to pick between a business/mission we love, our relationship, being great parents, house projects, and so many other AMAZING options and opportunities. 

Well, it was easy.

We asked, “What is MOST IMPORTANT TO US?”


We are extremely dialed in on our values as a couple. 

So it was clear what we needed to do. 

  1. Schedule time for each other each week (Surfing Dates 🙂 is our new fun way to spend time together) 
  2. Make sure we have lots of help with Koa each day to get solid workouts in and stay healthy + fit. 
  3. Cut back a bit on our business targets and be “ok” with maintaining our goals versus trying to grow the business. 

And SAY NO / NOT RIGHT NOW to everything else that is on our list of projects. 

Thinking time questions: 

What are your top 2-3 main projects this quarter? 

What do you need to SAY NO / NOT RIGHT NOW to SAY YES to those three projects?

PS: We are putting together another Board of Directors group in 2022. It’s amazing what happens with a group of dedicated members show up and use their combined knowledge and experience to propel each other’s businesses to the next level. It’s one of the most powerful experiences I’ve been a part of to drive business growth. 

If you are ready for this level of engagement, accountability and business growth –> apply here

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