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7 April 2011

We’ve been taught to do it ALL WRONG! (A positive set of insights on health and exercise)

Jairek Robbins

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The lesson:
Know your #’s. Sounded way to obvious to me.

These numbers are to ensure you are burning the “correct” fuel.

*****Side note*****

These numbers will literally save your life when it comes to endurance sports. (PS: Life is an endurance sport if you haven’t figured it out already!)

*****Side note*****

More about the #’s later…

What is today all about?

Today is all about laying the foundation…

The basics: 3 vital elements your brain (& body) need to function at PEAK PERFORMANCE.


Our bodies are “build to survive”. Think back (way back) to the “caveman days” our bodies are designed to take what we give it and make sure it conserves the fuel to last as long as humanly possible.

Back in the day (caveman day that is) we did not have grocery stores or super markets (not even local mom and pop shops). If you wanted to eat you had to go run down your food, kill it, drag it home, cook it AND THEN eat it.

When our body was given some nutrients it did its best to store it (via fat cells) and hold on to as much as it felt necessary to make sure it did not starve or run
out of fuel.

Starting to catch on?

Our bodies were trained form the very beginning to come from a place of scarcity and hold onto as much as humanly possible to ensure we would survive.

If you want your body to let go of something it is “holding onto” wouldn’t it make sense that you have to give it an ABUNDANCE of that substance (the healthy types) to allow your body to finally let go of scarcity and
step into abundance!?

Do you get it yet??

If you want to let go of the FAT and or use that FAT as PURE ENERGY to give you LONG LASTING FUEL for the endurance sport (CALLED LIFE) then there are…

3 MAIN FUELS YOU MUST give your body an ABUNDANCE of…

#1- WATER. Yes… I know this seems incredibly redundant if you regularly check my updates (sometimes you HAVE to repeat yourself UNTIL people freak’in APPLY IT!)

So what is the “magic formula” for the “correct” amount of H2O to drink… Here it is…

½ your body weight in ounces (MINIMUM) daily!

Meaning if you weight 200 lbs. you will be drinking 100 ounces of water MINIMUM per day!

#2- OXYGEN. Again… do I have to repeat myself… YES I do! Why is oxygen so important to function at PEAK PERFORMANCE. Well your BRAIN and BODY need it to function and full capacity!

Here is an outline (by wikipedia) showing some Simple techniques on proper breathing …

My personal favorite is the 1x3x2 method. Meaning if you were to breathe in for 5 seconds. You would hold it for 15 seconds, and then breathe out for 10 seconds.

My suggestion… TEST IT! And see how you feel…

If you feel better and IT WORKS then keep using it.

If you do not feel more energy and or it doesn’t work…stop using it. Makes sense doesn’t it…

#3- This is BY FAR THE ABSOLUTE MOST IMPORTANT Step. When I first heard about this I was BLOWN AWAY.

This one step alone changed my entire perception of health my personal diet and even the way I looked at health and overall nutrition.

I’ll tell you about it tomorrow…


Jairek Robbins

PS: Side note… as far as “ENERGY” and “Peak Performance” is concerned… I personally prefer the “Alkaline” fueling method.

A great resource to lean more about this is Dr. Robert Young.
Here is a link to check out his (he teamed up with his wife) book The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health

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