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13 February 2012

We are all motivated by PAIN and PLEASURE… don’t wait till it hurts to get started…

Jairek Robbins

Spending my life around the “Personal Development” industry I have seen time and time again people wanting to make changes in their lives and have noticed a consistent trend…

Most people wait till it gets soooooooo bad that they HAVE to make a change.

You hear people say stuff like “I really want to make a shift in ____X____ this year” (x = the area of life they would like to see a shift in)

they get all hyped up and excited (for about 10 days), take a whole bunch of action… then a few weeks later quit!

I just wanted to share a simple strategy and also a great video of a man who did not quit.

Here is my simple strategy… DONT WAIT – not another day, minute or second… if there is an area of your life that you would like to change… START NOW!!!! Literally RIGHT NOW! Make a decision right this moment that you are going to make the shift and write down EXACTLY what you are going to do. Thats right, take out a pen and paper (or post it below) and write down your commitment!

Once you have your commitment written down I want you to watch the video below and get inspired by a man who found his reason to RUN… (the *KEY* to his success in shedding the weight and becoming healthy was simple… finding a reason to RUN that was much BIGGER than just himself).

Watch and Enjoy…

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/Ja9BFx5Mhqo”]

Soooo… after watching that my question to you would be … What is your reason to go after what it is that you want in life? What is your reason to get started TODAY? What will your reason be to keep going when you get tired, sore and don’t feel like doing it?

It all starts with knowing WHAT YOU WANT and finding your BIG WHY!

My final question would be… WHAT ACTIONS MUST YOU TAKE RIGHT NOW to create progress and momentum towards the results you are after?

Looking forward to hearing some of YOUR plans! (feel free to post them below if you’d like some feedback)

Have an incredible DAY!


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