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30 November 2021

Three leadership habits that your team counts on

Jairek Robbins

As a leader, you’re constantly faced with opportunities to set the tone for your team. You may be tempted to jump on problems or take action before thinking of the consequences, but this is unwise. If you want to remain credible and willing to lead, you must be disciplined about your approach. Here are three leadership habits that your team counts on you to live up to.

You Keep Your Word

Leadership is all about trust. If you can’t be trusted, why would anyone follow? One way to gain the confidence of your team is through your actions. Keeping your word may seem simple, but it’s an indication that you are reliable. When you say you’ll do something, then do it, people notice. They note that you are someone who will stand by your word, which is what they need to do when it comes time for them to deliver on their promises too.

You’re Honest

People don’t want leaders who are afraid of the truth. People need honesty to grow and move forward, but they also know that some leaders lack the courage to tell the truth. Practice your courage, be honest about what’s going on, and people will trust you even more because they’ll know that you care enough to state the truth as it is. Practice honesty by encouraging an open dialogue with your team and instilling a sense of transparency through your decisions and meetings.

You Keep Your Cool

Leaders who lose their cool are not leaders at all. You don’t necessarily need to be the most charismatic person in the room, but you must be able to maintain composure — especially when things get tough. If you’re constantly stressed or irritable, then your team will pick up on it and become infected too. You must learn how to handle chaos, whatever it may be — whether that’s dealing with an angry client or helping someone on your team manage their stress. Always remember you are the leader and people look up to you. If they see you handling pressure calmly, then they learn how to do the same.

The best way to gain respect from your team is to earn it. These three leadership habits will help you do just that — and more!

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