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26 March 2012

Those Simple Ideas That Change The World!

Jairek Robbins

Still doing my 30 day TED Challenge!

Today I found an AMAZING thought provoking TED Talk by Adam Savage.

He walks us through some of the most profound discoveries that have been made in all of history… and the extremely simple catalyst that caused these people to make the discoveries…

My favorite thought in this video is the “Call To Action” when Adam reminds us that all of us are just “meat and water” and all start with the same tools. He reminds us that science is an open field that anyone can be a part of… the people that have made these discoveries were willing to think just a little bit harder, be a bit more curious… their curiosity caused people to look at things differently and eventually change the world!

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/F8UFGu2M2gM”]

After watching this video I am curious…

Where in your life are you going to strive to be just a little bit more curious?

Where are you going to strive to dig just a little bit deeper to make your discovery?

How are you going to use what you discover to stretch yourself to see what you are fully and truly capable of?

I look forward to hearing your ideas on this one! (please make sure to share below!)

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