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12 September 2016

This Small Shift In Expectations Can Instantly Increase Your Performance

Jairek Robbins


Check this out. I was recently reading a research study where they figured out how expectations people have are shown to directly help or hurt a persons results and/or performance. Spoiler alert: You can immediately increase your performance by following along and downloading today’s worksheet.


This is how the study went down.

A group of researchers decided to work with the cleaning staff of seven different hotels. They split the staff in half at each hotel.

The first half of the cleaning crew were told something to “reset their expectations.”

They were told how many calories they burn per day of cleaning, which was accurate. They told them about the health benefits that come from what they do every single day – vacuuming, picking stuff up, etc.


The other half, they didn’t share any of these facts with them, and here’s what they have discovered:

Within a six-week period of time the first half of all 7 cleaning crews that were informed of the health benefits got healthier, lost more weight and their cholesterol readjusted itself in a positive way.


The other half, whom they didn’t tell about the health benefits saw zero changes in results in any way, shape or form.


What does this mean?

It means doing the exact same activity as all the other people, but with positive expectations, allowed this group to improve their health and perform at a higher levels just because they had an expectation that was going to happen. This is scientifically proven and researched!


[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/ElWC8npjPhw” width=”540″]

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Here’s a challenge for you:

Identify what your expectations are in each major category of your life. Identify what expectations you need if you really want to increase your performance and move yourself closer to the goals and vision you ultimately want to experience and achieve in life. Start there and have some fun!



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