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12 August 2015

This Genius Mindset Shift Can Change Everything.

Jairek Robbins

jrctvblog810In today’s episode, we are covering a very important topic that keeps many people from moving towards their Ideal Vision for their lives.

Do you constantly focus on what’s wrong with your life?

Or do you focus on what’s right and where you desire to go?


Most times, our problem-focused mentality is unconsciously ingrained within us. In the video below I talk about a specific research study that was done that illustrates this point perfectly.


[youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaphFQ2CRUk&feature=youtu.be” width=”540″]

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After watching, how would being solution-focused instead of problem-focused better serve you in your life? Business? Relationships?


Here’s another insight for you…the mental and emotional energy required to think about all of your problems is THE SAME amount of energy it takes to focus on all of the solutions.


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For instance, in Dr. Robert Anthony’s book, Beyond Positive Thinking, he uses the example of when we want to buy something:

Most people shop around for the lowest price. Once they’ve found the item they want, they usually try to come up with creative ways to cut back on expenses or do without something else until they can afford it, but what they don’t realize is that they could use the same creative energy to figure out a way to keep what they have and earn more money to buy what they want. In other words, they can use the same creative energy to move backward or move forward.”


What an insight! Is this type of thinking a reality in your life?


How much more would the world open up for you if you chose to focus on solutions instead of problems? How would it make you feel?


On the other side, what would your life be like if you continued to only think about your problems? Would this type of thinking serve you in achieving your goals?


Make sure to download today’s worksheet. It will help you reprogram the language and phrases you are using throughout your day that’s causing you to either focus on problems or solutions. Once we’ve identified the specific language that focuses our energy toward our problems, we can use that same energy to re-focus toward our solutions, and ultimately move closer to our highest vision for ourselves and our lives!

The choice is always there, and the choice is always yours!

To your success,


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