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24 July 2018

The Trick to Growing Your Business

Jairek Robbins




What If I told you that one of the most profitable years we had in business – we mean we traveled and spoke to about 22 audiences that year – was the year we made the least, and in fact ended up in the negative in our business.


We are imagining your reaction and that’s exactly how we felt when we sat down with our accountant at the end of the year, after having what we felt, was a truly epic year.


We were in a good position to turn things around, but obviously, that is not something we wanted to repeat.


Too many times, business owners, whose businesses are going well, run into this issue. Except this is not something we wanted to accept. We wanted to learn from up, live through it and share how we turned that around.


This is useful information no matter what stage of your business. This week we are going to share with you the tools we were taught and use – to NEVER experience that feeling again!


We are going over:


Check it out below and let us know which tool was the most impactful for your business.



To Your success,


Jairek Robbins

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