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16 November 2010

The reason most “Life/Bus. Coaches” struggle and/or fail on their own…

Jairek Robbins

Here I am, tipping my hat to you for choosing to dive into this good ol’ piece of prose. Haha! The mission of this letter? To give you a punchy dose of insights, nuggets of wisdom to propel you leagues ahead of your counterparts, irrespective of the industry you operate in. Hold onto your hat, coach, this one’s for you. And if you ain’t one, just swap ‘coach’ with your profession, you’ll see the impact.

Now, as I trotted around the globe in recent years, dropping knowledge bombs at gatherings both big and small, I’ve had quite the mix of listeners. And among these attentive folk, I find a good number of coaches – life, health, executive, you name it. These folks may be varied in their approach, but their success stories and hardships reveal striking patterns.

These coaches possess hearts as large as a Montana sky and an earnest desire to paint transformative strokes in their clients’ lives. Yet, they’re often stuck managing a small clientele, barely exceeding a handful (1-5). They burn daylight soaking up as much knowledge as they can, hopping from one event, webinar, seminar to the next, all to unearth valuable information to impart to their clients. If you see your reflection in this description, then don’t stop reading here, buckaroo.

Ever gazed at a world-class athlete, observing how they spend their days? Having rubbed shoulders with a few and imparted some wisdom to them, I’ve got the inside scoop. The cream of the crop, the “world-class” folks, follow a regimented schedule.

Their typical day includes:
– 2-5 hours of training
– Daily visualization sessions (20+ min)
– Hitting the weights for an hour daily or every other day
– Participating in a race/competition about once per month
– Fraternizing with other world-class athletes
– Training in varied terrains, matching their upcoming races

Now, partner, why does this matter? Have you chiseled out a “world-class” routine for your business, to truly elevate your game?

Before I share a “world-class” coach’s routine, let’s draw a line in the sand between being a coach with a small business and being an entrepreneur who also moonlights as a coach (Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes can teach you more about this $100k distinction in their Business Mastery program). I’ve noticed that about 90% of coaches running a small business are skint, hair going white trying to rope in their next client. But the entrepreneurs who juggle coaching within their business usually rake in upwards of $100K per year, often sitting pretty in the $250-500K range. They’ve got their day down to a science, they know where and how to fish for clients, have a steady stream of prospects lined up, and are making a killing!

Time to put on your big-boy boots, friend. Make a shift in your identity, transition from a talent to an entrepreneur.

Once you’ve got that down, time to up the ante.

What does a typical day in their life look like?

Using the “world-class” athlete as a blueprint, here’s what I’ve cooked up:

– Marketing: 1-5 hrs daily
– Visualization of desired results: 20-30 min daily
– Weights (tackling weak areas… cold calling, face-to-face networking): 1 hr daily
– Researching and implementing best practices from other coaches: 1 hr monthly (minimum)
– Having a strong network of other successful coaches
– Adapting to various client acquisition strategies… phone, in person, networking events, presentations

This is all on top of your regular reading, studying, and research for fresh content and ideas to serve to your clients. This, my friend, is the secret sauce that separates the everyday coach struggling to pay bills and find new clients from a world-class coach who’s the kingpin of their market and is living the dream they’re teaching others to aspire to.

Want more insights on stepping up your game? Swing by my digital home at www.JairekRobbins.com

*For more on business mastery, take a gander here: (http://www.tonyrobbins.com/events/business–mastery/)

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