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16 November 2010

The reason most “Life/Bus. Coaches” struggle and/or fail on their own…

Jairek Robbins

First of all thank you for reading such an “up-beat” note… haha

Hopefully it will be incredibly insightful for you…and have within it a few keys to help set you apart from the rest in your industry.  This note is going into detail for coaches but if you replace coach with what ever it is you do I guarantee you will be able to step your game up! Enjoy…

Over the last few years I have had an incredible privilege to travel the world speaking to various groups, ranging from BNI networkers to large audiences of 1,000+ at a local or national convention.  Where ever I go there always seems to be other coaches in attendance. They are either life coaches, health coaches, or executive coaches.  Regardless of what “type” of coach they are, there are some very similar patterns that you see in the ones who are unbelievably successful, and clearly defined patterns in the ones you see that are struggling immensely.  Struggling not only to stay congruent with the message they teach and tools they share with their clients, but also struggling financially and in their business.

They have huge hearts and really want to make a valuable difference in their clients lives yet can only seem to get a handful of clients at a time (1-5).  They spend their days reading and learning as much information as they possibly can, they attend tons of events, webinars and seminars, all in hopes to learn great information that they can share with their clients.  If this is a description of you and/or someone you know please read the rest of this note.

If you look at any world-class athlete, key word is world class, How do they spend their days?

Knowing a few and being able to spend time hanging out with and coaching others I’ll give you a brief run down:

The one’s who are literally “world-class” have a schedule that looks something like this.

  1. Training 2-5 hours per day
  2. Visualizing (20+ min per day)
  3. Weights 1 hr per day or every other day
  4. Race/Competition (about once per month)
  5. Peer group (hang out with other world-class athletes)
  6. Adapted training (they go train in places that they are going to be racing… i.e. mountains, snow, hills, flats…etc.)

So, why does that matter?  If you look at your business, do you also have a “world-class” daily schedule set up to really take your game to the next level?

Before I lay out a “world-class” coach’s schedule, I’d like to take a moment and bring up one very important point: the difference between being a coach who has their own small business and being an entrepreneur who also coaches in their business (if you would like to learn more on how to define the difference: easily a $100k distinction, check out Business Mastery with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes**).  Ninety percent of Coaches running a small business I meet are broke and stressed out trying to figure out how in the world they are going to find their next client.  On the other hand, the select few entrepreneur’s who also serve as a coach in their business generally make easily over $100K per year, most of the time in the $250-500K plus range.  They know how to set up their days for short and long term success, how to find and get as many clients as they would like, have a steady pipeline of leads flowing in, and are literally CRUSHING IT!

First, step to up your game.  Make a shift in your identity (if it is your true nature, again see Business Mastery with TR and CH to know the difference) from a talent to a entrepreneur.

After making that shift, step up your game.

So, what does their schedule look like?

If we us the “world-class” athlete as a model here is what I have come up with:

  1. Marketing for 1-5 hrs per day
  2. Visualizing the results they desire for 20-30 min per day
  3. Weights (facing the weakest points… cold calling, networking face to face…etc.) 1 hr per day
  4. Researching and implementing best practices from other coaches 1 hr per month (minimum)
  5. Powerful Peer group of other successful coaches
  6. Again training in all terrains for the ability to funnel in new clients… phone, in person, networking events, presentation skills…

This is on top of the reading, studying, and research of new material, content and ideas to share with your clients. This is literally what I have found that makes the difference between your average coach struggling to pay the bills and find new clients and a world-class coach who virtually owns their own market and lives the life they are coaching others to dream about.

If you would like some insights on how to step your game up visit me at

*Here is a link to check out business mastery (

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