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11 February 2014

The Problem With Valentines Day…

Jairek Robbins

I love love, not just any love though. I love authentic love. It’s beautiful, it’s sacred, and priceless. (keyword: priceless) While love seems to permeate through the air during February, there’s something else that does as well: inauthenticity.

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Therefore this week, I want to talk how about to be authentic in love. Let’s start with valentines day, this one magical day of the year causes us to spend an average of $190-230 on our significant other to show them we love them in a very INauthentic way.(Source article: Time.com) In being authentic, these are things you would do on a somewhat regular basis because it’s in your character, not because “Cupid” told you to.

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The thing with Valentine’s day is we go out and we do things we don’t normally do. We are being being inauthentic with our significant other when we are trying to impress, trying to prove something, or simply trying to not get in trouble for NOT doing anything. Here’s the thing, as a friend, I want to make sure this valentine’s day you aren’t just doing things for the sake of the day, I want you to do things every single day to show someone you love, that you do in fact love them. Not just one day of the year, but everyday of the year. The beautiful part is, this will not only enhance your love life, it’ll take a ton of pressure of the 14th day of every February if you just follow these simple steps.

Reminisce Your Love: Whether it’s sharing pictures, movies, or even going to one of your favorite places, be sure to regularly share these experiences and memories with one another. This connectedness will help you focus on the love that started what your relationship and the love that keeps it going!

ReLive Your Love: Remember all the amazing things you used to do in the beginning? When you were dating or engaged or first married, what were some of things you would do for your significant other? Maybe it was sweet love notes, cute pictures or texts, surprise dates, or small gifts? The only reason those things may have stopped happening was because you stopped. It’s time to start picking up those habits and doing them again or more often! (not just on Vday!)

ReMix Your Love: It’s easy to fall into a routine, so we MUST mix it up!! One thing that helps keep the passion alive in a relationship is the fun and adventure! Maybe your lady always cooks dinner, surprise her with ordering take out and having an masseuse stop by!!? Maybe you usually go out to dinner and a movie on Friday and go g-karting, play putt-putt, or take a dance class together!

Remember, it’s not about the things that you buy on this one special day of the year, it’s about what you do every single day of the year for your love. Here’s the kicker, according to a recent survey, not everyone wants gifts likely because they are quite inauthentic/“because I’m supposed to” gifts. This Valentine’s day (and every day), let’s focus on shifting away from being inauthentic to being pure, genuine, authentic instead when it comes to expressing your love.

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