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1 May 2018

The Power of Vulnerability: How to Manifest Massive Abundance by being Vulnerable.

Jairek Robbins




What if we told you that your success could be being hindered by your inability to be vulnerable?


Oftentimes, when people envision massive success and abundance, they envision someone who is taking no prisoners and who climbed their way to the top by being strong, uber focused and unrelenting.


While some of that energy is needed, there is also a key ingredient to success, and that is the ability to identify when to be vulnerable, to be in the support role and to let others take the lead.


We are sharing examples and experiences today of people who have experienced abundance after moments of great vulnerability. We also break down the difference between being truly vulnerable, being a giver and being a trader.


This is for you no matter what area of your life you need to experience more success – business, relationships, spirituality. This will help you identify how to serve up what is needed, to achieve your outcome.


Check it out below, leave your comments and share anything that comes up for you!



To Your Success,


Jairek Robbins

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