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13 February 2018

The Path to Success: Lone Ranger vs Dream Team.

Jairek Robbins



When you are creating your business, starting a new project or creating a plan for your life, what role do you play?


Are you the lone ranger, meaning you prefer to get things done on your own and take things to the finish line?


Are you immediately looking to build your dream team? Are you looking for people to work with that are going to compliment you, collaborate and move things to the finish line that way?


Knowing who you are, and how that is affecting your success and or the pace to which you achieve success is critical.


In my life, I am a lone ranger, I like to take things on and push them forward and I’ve experienced success that way, however my lovely wife, is a team player and I have learned so much about how that helps momentum that I have been able to apply in many areas of our business.


So then the question is, whether you are a lone ranger or a team-oriented person, what are you looking for?


If you are a lone ranger – What would you have to believe to be able to go and team up with someone else?


If you are a team-oriented person – What type of team members are you looking for to ensure your project is successful?


Check out the episode, hear from others who are part of the conversation and share this with someone who needs to hear this!



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