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9 October 2018

The most important measurement in your business!

Jairek Robbins



In business, there are so many things that we need to measure.  Sales, profitability, customer retention, turnaround time and more.


However, we found that many companies are not measuring the ONE thing that affects all of the above.


We posted an online survey and asked: “How does your company currently measure company culture?”


73.68% said that their company DID NOT currently measure company culture. 


Of the 26.32% that said their company does measure company culture here were some of the ways they said the did it:

  1.  We are an industry disruptor where culture is what’s most important to leadership. I’m not sure how it’s measured.
  2. A financial consultant
  3. We made a process called “my feelings” in our platform systems, our employees write whatever they think about, they can choose to stay anonymous
  4. We don’t have the necessary tools
  5. We measure results.
  6. N/A – but I wish it did!

…. and the list goes on.

We’ve been studying company culture for a while now and would love to show you one of the most comprehensive tools available to help measure and improve your company culture.


In a pilot study carried out by McKinsey & Company, when CTT was used in parallel with 30 structured consultant interviews, the Cultural Transformation Tools were found to provide a more comprehensive analysis and more credible results at a fraction of the cost.


This is invaluable information for any business operator to have.


If you would like to know more please visit www.JairekRobbins.com/culture


To You Success,


Jairek Robbins

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