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21 April 2015

The Financial Tool That Helps Earn More, Minimize Stress, and Maximize Satisfaction

Jairek Robbins

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Three years ago I remember him stressed and scrambling to find ideas on how to bring in the cash flow he needed to maintain his upper east side lifestyle.


Now, you’d think I was talking to a completely different person.


“It’s not that I’m burned out. It’s not that I’ve lost my drive. I don’t know what it is, I feel great. I’m feel comfortable, yet my wife is freaking out.”


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“What is it that makes you feel comfortable with where you are at right now?” I asked him.


“I don’t have to worry anymore about whether the bills will be paid. I achieved my goals for the business. Now we’ve greatly exceed those goals and have an excess of disposable income. I simply don’t have to worry about anything.”


I proceed to ask him about the pros and cons of those beliefs of “not having to worry about anything” which is something we will talk about next week.

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But this week I want to really focused on what was happening mentally and emotionally 3 years ago versus 6 months ago. It’s something many leaders in the industry refer to as your financial thermometer. This is a brilliant financial tool to help you understand why you earn what you earn as well as how to minimize stress around money.


He didn’t realize he had a financial thermometer (many people don’t) until they are either stressed financially and worried about not making enough OR are too comfortable and seemingly lost their drive because they are making way more money than what their financial thermometer is set. Grab today’s toolkit BELOW to see what I mean.


What’s incredibly important when determining your value in the marketplace, whether you’re asking for a raise or starting a business, is that you know exactly what your financial thermostat is set to.


In today’s JRCtv episode I’ll explain:


To get ahead of money problems financial tools like the financial thermometer are incredibly important to minimize stress, anxiety, and frustration because it allows you to get ahead of problems and resolve them before they happen rather than be reactive to them and have them ripple into other areas of life causing more damage than necessary.


Enjoy today’s episode and let me know how this has helped you and certainly share this with a friend or family member because you know as well as I money can cause a lot of problems, but not if we understand our money blueprint and financial thermostats.

To Your Success,

P.s Don’t worry, we didn’t neglect the concerns of his wife. In fact, it provided a whole new understanding for him on women, specifically on the topic of reassurance (I’ll save that one for another post).



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