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18 September 2013

The BEST Total Transformation Workout Plan From My Personal Trainer

Jairek Robbins


Today we are going to focus on 3 tips that I learned recently while working with my personal trainer!

I feel that these 3 tips are literally the BEST TOTAL TRANSFORMATION tips I have heard in a while. They are the type of advice that is “simple, but not easy”.

What I mean is they are very easy to comprehend (mentally), yet most of us do not actually apply them in our day to day lives!

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Here is your opportunity to STEP UP and apply these three tips to ensure you are MAXIMIZING the focus, effort and energy that you invest each day working toward the RESULTS that you desire!

Lesson #1 – You have to be ready and wiling to push through the HARD TIMES!

Lesson #2 – You must get used to looking for the “weakest points” or the areas that need the most growth and constantly focus on making them stronger!

Lesson #3 — well you are just going to have to watch todays episode to find out 🙂


[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hx9pqAcbI1I&feature=youtu.be” width=”550″ height=”340″]

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