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6 December 2012

The Adventure Continues – Foundational Freedom Formula Part 2 of 4

Jairek Robbins

So… Hope you enjoyed the lesson in part 1!

I am sure a few of you thought “DUH! of course I want to be living my PASSION everyday… BUT HOW!?”

or others might have the thought “Yes I am PASSIONATE about _______X________ (Dancing, Singing, Teaching, Learning, Being an amazing mom/dad, travel…etc.) BUT how in the world do I make money doing that?”

or finally… “I used to dream about living a passionate, fulfilling life filled with adventure, travel, variety… constantly learning and growing… but I never took that first step and now I am just focused on trying to survive each month without going into major debt or loosing what I have…”

Whatever it is that crossed your mind (even — I want to make my own video like that!!!) I’d love to share with you the 2nd MOST IMPORTANT tip I have learned over the last few years… Its also the 2nd step in the Foundational Freedom Formula!

Here is step 2…. enjoy 🙂

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKvt8hGY17o” width=”550″ height=”340″]


Questions to consider…

1. How can I ADD VALUE to peoples lives around me through LIVING MY PASSION?

2. What do the people around me NEED, WANT and DESIRE most in their life?

3. What has to happen for me to shift from trying to “make money” to being focused on “Adding More Value”?

 A bit about how I made the transition… 

I started my career in sales with a crystal clear vision of making $100,000 + per year in income. I ran my numbers, and was very specific on how many people I’d have to present to daily in order to hit my goal.

I spent 52 weeks per year traveling from city to city, presenting 4-7 times per day to groups of 10-50 people selling tickets to upcoming events in their city.

What is amazing is that even thought I had YEARS of training, and was told many times to ADD MORE VALUE, if you want to be successful… I found myself 100% focused on trying to close more deals, so I could make more $, so that EVENTUALLY I could go do what I REALLY wanted to do (travel, volunteer and help inspire people to live their dreams!).

One day it finally hit me… How in the world am I supposed to help others LIVE THEIR DRAEMS, if I am not even living my own dreams??

What was interesting is the harder I worked (6-7 days per week) and the more I focused on trying to make more $, the further into debt I went! I started out $0 out of school (which is actually really good these days considering how much debt people are going into for college). By the end of year 1, I had made about $50,000 and also generated a total of $15,000 in credit card debt! Year 2, I made $75,000 and was now $25,000 in credit card debt!

Luckily I started to see the pattern, the more I made, the further I went into debt… it was really strange!

At the end of that year I sat down and tried to figure out WHY I was making more money but going further and further into debt?

After a bit of thought, I realized that chasing $ was not my PASSION and by spending all my time chasing $, I was feeling dead on the inside. While feeling dead on the inside I was constantly looking for ways to feel alive.. so I would spend tons of money on things I thought would make me “happy” hoping that one of them would help fill the void… taking girls out to nice dinners, buying expensive clothes, staying at nice hotels…etc. (not a single one of them made me feel alive…)

So I MADE A DECISION that I would no longer settle for feeling empty inside, thinking about living my dream life and doing nothing about it, hoping “someday” that I would finally be able to go live my dreams but not making any progress…

I STEPPED UP and made the decision that I was going to find a way to turn my DREAM LIFE into my DAILY LIFE starting that day!

Step 1 – I QUIT!

Transferred back to San Diego… started working 3 jobs (coaching people in health, phone sales and stuffing boxes at a warehouse) while I was working on starting my own business.

Since I was now trying to get out of debt, and had very little cash, the only place I could afford to live with the front den of a house I rented with 3 other room mates for $500 per month!

From that little room I started to build my business!

I surrounded myself with vision boards to keep my mind focused on where I wanted to go, I printed out inspiring quotes, watched youtube videos daily that inspired me and made sure to work out daily to keep my mind and body in peak shape!

What was amazing is what happened over the next 8 months!

I went from -$25,000 in debt to +$100,000 in income! It was amazing! (I am pretty sure my room mates thought I was doing somthing illegal to create all the cash 🙂 )

****SIDE NOTE****

There are a few things I did daily to help create a POWERFUL and UNSTOPPABLE mindset!

1. Visualizing my desired outcome and Ideal Day Vision for my life!

2. Daily “time chunking and planning” to ensure I was SUPER effective with my time!

3. Using my 3 step formula for creating MAXIMUM energy through-out the day!

and a few others as well! I actually took all the tools I used that worked (got ride of the ones that didn’t work) and put them into a program I call the “Rapid Results Formula”. If you’d like a copy, you can find it at www.RapidResultsFormula.com

****SIDE NOTE****

Since then over the last 2 years, I have continued to create ways to be able to spread my message “LIVE YOUR DREAMS NOW” to the world! and spend the majority of my time doing keynote speaking to companies looking to inspire their employees, coaching people on how to turn their dream life into reality and also leading fun adventure trips through-out the world taking others with me to help them discover themselves and the world at the same time!

wWell thats all for now…

Next post I’ll share with you a few tips on “how” I actually figured out how to take my passions of traveling, inspiring others, learning, volunteering etc. and turned them into my business (which gives me the ability to travel the world and get paid to live my dreams while helping others do the same!!).


PS: Thank you! for all the great responses to the Part 1 of 4 blog post! I’d LOVE to hear from you again on this one… How are you going to add more value (through living your passion) to all those around you?

PSS: I am actually on the way to my NEXT adventure RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT while writing this blog post for you! on a US AIR flight from San Diego to Ft. Lauderdale to board our 25 day, 10 country Rapid Results Retreat! Its amazing what technology is able to help us do these days! I’ll make sure to share some cool tips on how to use it for to create total freedom in your life and business as well in a later post…

Be well my friends!

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