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15 July 2021

Ten tips on how to get back to your best self after falling off track

Jairek Robbins

It’s easy to stay focused and on track when everything is going well. But what happens when you fall off the wagon? How do you get back to your best self after falling off track?

Here are ten tips on how to get back to your best self after falling off track that will help you accelerate on your path towards success.

#1 Make a decision.

When you fall off the wagon, make a conscious and committed decision not to give up on yourself. It may be easy to feel sorry for yourself in this situation and decide that things are just not meant to be, but this kind of thinking will only hold you back. Decide that the setback was just an obstacle, and it is now time to get back on track.

#2 Take action immediately.

Don’t continue with your old routine any longer than you have to. As soon as possible, after realizing you went off-track, take action. Even if your plan is not perfect yet, make a short-term decision that you can stick to and commit to it immediately.

#3 Re-commit to your goal.

Write down everything you know about why your goal is essential, including what you will accomplish and how it will make you feel successful. Put this list somewhere that you can see it every day and re-read it whenever you need a reminder of why you should stay on track.

#4 Focus on taking action today.

Keep reminding yourself that there is no time like the present, and take action today. Tomorrow will come very soon, but it may also be accompanied by procrastination. Address your issues today, and you will quickly realize that you are moving forward.

#5 Be realistic but also set a deadline for yourself.

Don’t get frustrated if the setback is significant, as it can take very little time to make up for your losses when intelligently approaching things. If you went off-track for a few weeks, you don’t have to make up for all your lost time at once. Set yourself a deadline instead, and make sure you stick to it.

#6 Don’t worry about the consequences of not getting back on track immediately.

You may be worried that things will worsen if you don’t get back on track immediately, but don’t worry unnecessarily. There are ways you can deal with the consequences of your setback, and there is no reason to further aggravate things by stressing out as well. Focus on what you need to do now instead of worrying about potential future problems that may never come true in any case.

#7 Take responsibility for any mistakes you made.

Nobody’s perfect, and you are not an exception. Don’t make excuses or play the victim, but instead admit your mistakes, learn from them and then move on.

#8 Celebrate small victories (and you will have plenty of them).

You don’t need to wait until you are completely back on track to celebrate your successes. Even if it is a minor success, congratulate yourself and reward yourself for making progress towards your goal.

#9 Reward yourself on the way towards your goal.

Even if you don’t want to spoil the surprise, reward yourself for reaching a particular milestone along your path of getting back on track. This will help keep you motivated even when things are not going well initially, and it can give you much-needed confidence as well.

#10 Make sure everything is connected to your long-term goals.

If you fall off the wagon, make sure that whatever caused you to go off track will help you reach your long-term goals instead of getting in the way. Even if something needs immediate attention (like a fight with your boss), look at it from a long-term perspective and make sure it will benefit your long-term goals.

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