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12 November 2014

Talking Smack? How To Get Over Anger

Jairek Robbins



Let’s be honest, we all know someone who has hurt us or really ticked us off in the past.


If you are like most people you might find yourself talking smack or struggle to say nice things about them. They may even make your blood boil, or your face cringe when you think about them.


While it may seem easier to feel angry or frustrated at someone, the truth is, it’s doing a lot more harm than good feeling that way.

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Let’s talk about how you win this battle, rather than lose it. Our goal today is to help you get over anger and frustration towards a person, or experience, so that you can truly be your best self. Because holding onto this anger does not allow you to show up as your best self.

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This is an area I’ve helped many clients through and noticed, in many ways by them holding onto this anger, it was holding them back tremendously in their businesses and their relationships. Today I would like to share a few of the insights and tools which worked incredibly well for them and hopefully will work for you as well.


By applying these tools fully in their lives, my clients were able to let go of built up tension and get over anger from situations they felt were completely unjust. Almost immediately, they moved onward and upward from this pent up negative energy which was draining them and holding them back in ways they never realized.


Thinking this isn’t you? Or that negative tension isn’t holding you back?


Do a quick inventory…

Ever catch yourself complaining about, blaming, or describing someone in a negative light? How often do you ever have anything positive to say about them? If you answer is NEVER, you 100% need to keep reading.


The most important thing to remember is the way you describe people is a reflection of who you are more than who they are. Simply look at how others talk about people around you. The “great” people always have great things to say. And the “not so great” people, well…


So what’s the big deal?


By using strong negative terms, you’re creating negative emotions in your body which have a negative effect on your mind and body by creating negative triggers and a completely handcuffed mindset.


The solution is this:

The second you feel any tension or negativity arise, immediately ask yourself these 2 questions:

What do I love about this person?
What can I appreciate about this person?

Finally, create ways to reinforce these new thoughts. (featured in your download below!)


Answering one of these questions is better than none. By focusing on what you can love or appreciate about a person it will help you to release anger, resentment, frustration, etc and instantly feel emotional freedom as you are no longer jailed by a negative mindset.


Remember this, you may be mad or angry at someone for years. However, the only person that’s going to feel the tension, anger, or frustration is YOU.


Go ahead and download today’s worksheet below to go along with this episode. It’ll help you:

To your success!

Jairek Robbins


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