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  Hello! It’s my birthday week and I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincerest gratitude for all your love and support throughout the years. To be able to live another year to serve you in helping you become the happiest, healthiest and most fulfilled version of yourself is a dream come […]

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24 May 2017

When was the last time you generated $10,000 through LinkedIN? For most, the answer is likely never. That’s because we’ve been trained to use LinkedIN for only one thing – job hunting – until now.   I recently sat down with John Nemo, a best-selling author and LinkedIN trainer, to discuss how he has turned LinkedIN […]

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1 June 2016

Join Jairek Robbins in this insightful blog post as he explores the dynamics of being sold to versus making purchases independently. Discover the key elements that make a sales experience enjoyable and the factors that can turn customers away. For sales professionals, gain valuable insights into creating presentations that leave a lasting positive impression, driving customers to return with their friends and family. Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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5 August 2015

Ever heard of Grant Cardone? Well if you haven’t, definitely check him out!   Grant Cardone is a wild, crazy and intense guy! He’s also one of the most sought after, high-achieving sales trainers at this point in history! In his book The 10X Rule, he has a simple challenge for all of us…what if […]

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14 July 2015

How do YOU add value to those around you? Todays #QuestionOfTheDay comes from Alex on Linkedin. Alex sent us the following note… I’m in sales and working on building up a side business so I was hoping to pick your brain on how you prospected (and landed) your first coaching customers. In addition to that, […]

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2 July 2015

Are you tired of another boring coffee meeting? Is wining and dining people getting a little boring. I hear you.   I’m so over these typical meetings I won’t do it anymore and you don’t have to either.   Your time is valuable and you’re more memorable than just another networking meeting over coffee.   […]

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2 June 2015
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