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I’ll never forget this wonderful woman we met during our Rapid Result Retreats back in 2013. At 86 years young, she radiated intelligence, experience, and wit. As we learned from her through stories of her majestically travels to places such as Machu Picchu and Sierra Leone, we also discovered she opened an elementary school in […]

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20 May 2014

I want you to do this #HappyHourChallenge with me! [youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcF-MxucItE” width=”550″ height=”340″] Do you ever think there has got to be more to life, more than what you’ve already experienced? You know, like feeling more alive, more fulfilled, more free?? GREAT NEWS – there is more to life and ways to feel incredibly fulfilled, […]

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7 March 2014

  WELCOME BACK! Today we are going to be focused on those moments in life when things don’t seem to go as planned, when sh*t hits the fan or all hell breaks loose! SEE ALSO: Are YOU ready to kick procrastination to the curb? In those moments, inevitably, unwelcomed guests (namely: stress, tension, and anxiety) […]

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1 November 2013

WELCOME BACK!! We are over the moon excited to share with you a “Very Simple” concept that can (and will) help you find the relationship you have always dreamed of and/or help you take your current relationship to a whole new level! Let’s first take a moment and review what most people teach nowadays to […]

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12 September 2013

HOWDY!! I am curious… What do you do when things do not go as planned? In life, I hate the be the one to have to break this to you…but… at some point things are not going to turn out EXACTLY the way you want them to. I know I know… its a bit shocking! […]

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17 July 2013

WELCOME BACK!! Quick Question… does this happen to you?? Each morning when you wake, if you are like most people, you are immediately attacked by the demands of the world. It usually comes in a variety of forms including text, voice mails, e-mails and in person demands. The crazy part is, many times, this happens […]

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10 July 2013
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