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Often I hear these major generalizations of men being cheaters, or women always nag, marriage is nothing more than a ball and chain… You name it, I’ve heard it all. Well today, I want to set the record straight.  The past does not (have to) equal the future. [youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_nxIaGUzr8″ width=”550″ height=”340″] (Tough Love Alert) […]

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17 April 2014

Welcome back to another episode of JRCtv! [youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZELXJSgH00″ width=”550″ height=”340″] First and foremost, I’m sooo excited to share some excellent news with you… I’ve partnered with Grand Harbor Press,an Amazon Publishing Imprint, to release my first book “Live It” this fall 2014!!! I cannot wait for you all to get a copy because I […]

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19 March 2014

Why is it some people find themselves in relationships which started off so exciting then fizzled out faster than a pack of pop rocks? Why is it we find ourselves bored, uninterested, and looking for something outside? While there are many reasons why this happens, this week on JRCtv, we are going to discuss how […]

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26 November 2013

 Well this is quite the situation… I leave the office for 10 min and My Fiancée (Amanda) decides to steal the show!! Well ya’ll are in for a treat this week! Amanda decided to hop on and share a few tips for the ladies tuning in (men pay attention) to learn how to “Ask for […]

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25 September 2013

WELCOME BACK!! We are over the moon excited to share with you a “Very Simple” concept that can (and will) help you find the relationship you have always dreamed of and/or help you take your current relationship to a whole new level! Let’s first take a moment and review what most people teach nowadays to […]

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12 September 2013

  Oh Hey! Do you find yourself looking for LOVE in all the WRONG places?! Ever catch yourself asking… Where do I find love? How do I find love? Are they out there? Is there a “ONE” waiting or searching for me? Today we focus on helping YOU identify EXACTLY where to find the LOVE […]

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3 July 2013
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