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Discover the inspiring journey of Brandon James Duncan, a 38-year-old serial entrepreneur, author, athlete, and devoted father from Portland, Oregon. Brandon’s focus on becoming a better man each day while making a positive impact on others is truly commendable. Join me, Gary Halbert, as I explore what the world needs more of—self-love, unconditional love, connection, community, and compassion. Brandon’s wow factor lies in his exceptional ability to connect and relate to others, fostering deep and intimate relationships that lead to mutual growth and expansion. His life-changing experience of losing his brother on his birthday inspired him to seek meaningful connections with others. Tune in to find inspiration from Brandon’s journey of self-discovery and commitment to making the world a better place.

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29 October 2018

Join me in an empowering conversation with Frances Pappalardo, a remarkable individual whose journey has taken her around the world. As the Vice President of the Justice Project Honduras and a founding team member of Operation Holiday Impact, Frances shares her personal experiences and philosophies to help others break through barriers and live a fully customized life. Embracing the concept of servant leadership, Frances empowers individuals to believe in their ability to create the life they desire. Tune in to discover the steps needed to customize your life and find inspiration from Frances’ dedication to making a positive impact.

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26 October 2018

Join me in an inspiring conversation with Bryan Takayama, a remarkable 26-year-old from Los Angeles, CA. Bryan’s focus on finding happiness in every second is truly commendable. With a passion for living in the moment, he embodies the essence of seizing life’s opportunities. Discover Bryan’s WOW factor, including his strong work ethic, unwavering loyalty, and knack for figuring things out and executing. His dedication to making a positive impact is evident through his website, Fight2Breathe, and Instagram profile. Tune in to explore the significance of living in the moment and gain inspiration from Bryan’s incredible journey.

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5 October 2018

Explore with Jairek Robbins the powerful dynamic of giving and taking in relationships. Understand the impact of giving more and how you can adopt a giver’s mindset to enhance your relationships and personal growth.

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28 June 2015
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