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Are you in an industry more competition popping up every day? Is your market becoming saturated with copy cats?   Do you find yourself surrounded by price wars, but know you’re adding more value than anyone else?   Or maybe you’re trying to find out how to add more value than anyone without giving everything away for […]

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28 April 2015

Today we sit down with one of the most brilliant minds behind content and community marketing, Chris Brogan.   Chris is an absolute pro and you’ll love his laid back and real approach.   Related: 5 Genius Time Management – An Interview with Brian Tracy   His speciality is sharing powerful tools and insanely helpful […]

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10 March 2015

Welcome back! This week we are focusing on freedom & fulfillment. Specifically we are discussing common obstacles you may be face when it comes to turning your passion into a business or growing your current business online. [youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/Fgq2bKOviBI” width=”540″ height=”340″] When you think about starting your own business, or taking your business to the […]

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19 February 2014

Just about 5 years ago I was getting ready to take a leap from working for dad to starting a business of my own. Little did I know that business would go from zero dollars to $100,000+ in a little less than 8 months.  That business (100% online) helped me move from living in the […]

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8 February 2014
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