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As a country, America is facing a monumental crisis and it is getting worse every year. Currently, about 300,000 people die each year due to causes related to poor nutrition. Another 80,000 cancer cases are diagnosed each year and these are related to the nutrition choices people make. 1 out of every 5 dollars of […]

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14 November 2022

  Hey there, welcome back to another episode of JRCTV. Today we’re focused on how to strengthen and improve your willpower.   So what is willpower? (We have a brilliant worksheet below for you to boost it!!)   Willpower is the ability to look right into the eyes of temptation. Something that’s challenging you, that […]

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26 December 2016

We all have an area of life we want to improve. After reading your surveys, I know health is one of those areas, which makes me especially excited to share today’s special interview with you!   When I heard about Drew Manning, the personal trainer who literally went from Fit2Fat2Fit by intentionally gaining and losing […]

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26 November 2014

Join Jairek Robbins on JRCTv as he embarks on a 30-day challenge to replace unhealthy snacks with healthier alternatives. Packed with tips, snack ideas, and a dash of motivation, this post is your first step to better snacking habits.

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5 June 2013

Hey Team! Welcome back to another episode of JRCTv — This week we are focused on some simple tips for healthy eating as well as featuring a special guest (Alex Osante) who is actually my good friend and personal trainer! Alex joins us this week to walk us through some simple tips for exercises that […]

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9 April 2013

Discover the power of knowing your body’s essential numbers for peak performance. In this blog post, Jairek Robbins explores the basics of our survival-oriented bodies and shares three key fuels we need in abundance for optimal health and endurance. Stay tuned for a game-changing revelation!

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7 April 2011
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