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Ready to make an impact on people’s lives through speaking? Today’s topic is “10 tips on how to become a motivational speaker,” so let’s dive right in! 1. Fall in Love With What Your Audience Needs Vs. Your Own Story So often, I run across people and they say, “I love to figure out how […]

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16 March 2020

  As a result of being invited to speak to people all around the globe, I often get a lot of questions about becoming a motivational speaker. People also ask about coaching too (more information on that here), but motivational speaking seems to be a major goal for many passionate entrepreneurs.   So today, I’m […]

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21 July 2015

Hey There! First we want to say a special CONGRATULATIONS to: James Hammel He is our winner for the Rapid Results Retreat Give-A-Way! www.RapidResultsRetreat.com Have you ever been excited to start a new business, learn a new skill, or pursue a new hobby? Of course you have, otherwise you wouldn’t have started right!? What about […]

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20 November 2013

WELCOME BACK! Today’s exercise is focused on the difference between a feeling of absolute fulfillment and that ugly, empty, sad, dark, lonely feeling of un-fulfillment. Whether you feel like this most of the time, or just on certain occasions, there’s a super simple, yet VERY powerful tip on how to live a life feeling fulfilled! […]

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6 November 2013
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