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how money money is in the world

Join us as we delve into the world of money – its history, how it’s made, and how you can make it work for you. Learn the habits that build wealth and explore financial literacy as a key to maximizing profitability. Ready to rewrite your money story? Dive in!

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2 August 2023

As people are wondering about what is happening in the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic, Ray Dalio, the manager of the largest hedge fund in the world, has shared his views on what he thinks is happening. Dalio explains that the closest comparison of what is happening today can be found in what happened to […]

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6 October 2020

Howard Marks is one of the top investors and has a track record along the lines of Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch. In fact, it was Warren Buffett who pushed Marks to write this particular book, and that shows you how important the ideas he shares are. Howard Marks was in the habit of saying […]

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22 June 2020

How can you improve your money mindset? In the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book the author Robert Kiyosak talks about having two different father figures. The first father figure had a rich ABUNDANCE mindset and the second father figure had a poor mindset. When focusing on money… What questions do you ask most often?? In the […]

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21 September 2015

What’s the one thing in your life that can either cause a tremendous amount of stress or an abundance of freedom: money!   Do you ever find it funny (or maybe frustrating!) that for some people it’s almost as if money just “falls into their lap” and they always seem to “have enough” without any […]

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23 July 2014

Join Jairek Robbins as he challenges you to dream without limitations. In this thought-provoking post, Jairek invites you to visualize your ideal life without financial constraints, urging you to chase your dreams boldly and live your life to the fullest.

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24 November 2012
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