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Alison Armstrong started conducting workshops about relationships in 1995 with a goal of reaching one million Americans but the workshops were limited to 16 women at a time because women were so angry and vengeful towards men. Larger numbers at the “Understanding Women” workshops would be too much for Alison and her team to handle. […]

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18 May 2020

Today’s topic is “10 truths about love and business,” so let’s dive right in! 1. If You Don’t Cherish What You Have, It Will Soon Be Gone That is something serious to think about. If you are in love or in a relationship and you don’t cherish; and I’m not talking about like or put […]

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9 March 2020

Today’s topic on this 82nd day of our 100 Day Personal Performance and Business Growth Challenge is the concept of away, towards or against. These three things can make or break your relationship with someone else. They can make or break your relationship with yourself. They can make or break your intimate relationship and they […]

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29 April 2019

Often I hear these major generalizations of men being cheaters, or women always nag, marriage is nothing more than a ball and chain… You name it, I’ve heard it all. Well today, I want to set the record straight.  The past does not (have to) equal the future. [youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_nxIaGUzr8″ width=”550″ height=”340″] (Tough Love Alert) […]

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17 April 2014

 On today’s episode of JRCtv, We will share with you incredibly powerful insight on woman and how to love them even more than we already do!! Specifically, we will cover why women need to “vent” and how you can truly be their hero when they do. SEE ALSO: The Best Relationship Advice Experts FAIL To […]

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23 October 2013

WELCOME BACK!! We are over the moon excited to share with you a “Very Simple” concept that can (and will) help you find the relationship you have always dreamed of and/or help you take your current relationship to a whole new level! Let’s first take a moment and review what most people teach nowadays to […]

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12 September 2013
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