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Alison Armstrong started conducting workshops about relationships in 1995 with a goal of reaching one million Americans but the workshops were limited to 16 women at a time because women were so angry and vengeful towards men. Larger numbers at the “Understanding Women” workshops would be too much for Alison and her team to handle. […]

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18 May 2020

Today’s topic is “10 truths about love and business,” so let’s dive right in! 1. If You Don’t Cherish What You Have, It Will Soon Be Gone That is something serious to think about. If you are in love or in a relationship and you don’t cherish; and I’m not talking about like or put […]

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9 March 2020

 Well this is quite the situation… I leave the office for 10 min and My Fiancée (Amanda) decides to steal the show!! Well ya’ll are in for a treat this week! Amanda decided to hop on and share a few tips for the ladies tuning in (men pay attention) to learn how to “Ask for […]

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25 September 2013
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