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Many small business owners who open social media accounts for their businesses largely depend on their experience using personal accounts to run business accounts. While there are cases where you can leverage your experience as a personal user of social media, the rules are a little different if you want to run a successful social […]

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30 August 2022

Like everything about life these days, the small business landscape is constantly in flux and you have to keep your finger on the pulse in order to pivot quickly in the direction that things are moving. For example, do you think your social media strategy designed three years ago can still cut it today? Certainly […]

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2 August 2022

If you haven’t yet started looking at LinkedIn as a powerful social network to build and nurture powerful business relationships, here are a few statistics to drive home the importance of this platform; for starters, did you know that more than 13 million owners of small businesses are on the platform? Did you know that […]

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26 April 2022

When was the last time you generated $10,000 through LinkedIN? For most, the answer is likely never. That’s because we’ve been trained to use LinkedIN for only one thing – job hunting – until now.   I recently sat down with John Nemo, a best-selling author and LinkedIN trainer, to discuss how he has turned LinkedIN […]

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1 June 2016
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