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If you own a business, then it is important for you to know everything that you can about lead generation and lead nurturing.  Lead nurturing is important to inbound marketing because it gives you an opportunity to provide value to your leads as well as your customers so that you can help them grow with […]

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9 February 2021

What does it take to get to $1 million in PROFIT? In these series, I talked to 10 of my friends and clients, and asked them what it took for them to get to a million dollars in revenue, a million dollars in profit, and other related questions. In this particular episode, we will focus […]

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19 January 2021

Today’s JRCtv episode is going down in the books as one of my all time favorite interviews. I sat down with a man named Elliott Hulse who has had a profound impact on millions around the world in terms of mental, emotional, and physical strength. And if you haven’t heard of him, he’s about to […]

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23 June 2015

What to do when you’re feeling like you’re not enough?   Ever have one of those days, where it feels like the world is against you? All you want is a bit of approval or affirmation, yet it seems like you’re not good enough.   The days of lacking confidence and being needy are OVER. […]

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28 October 2014

Have you ever wanted to accomplish something and thought “This is it! Once I get this one thing (a new job/new car/new home/new boyfriend or girlfriend) then I’ll be happy, successful and worry-free.” Once it happens, of course, you find yourself still empty on the inside and not nearly as happy and fulfilled as you […]

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9 April 2014

 Well this is quite the situation… I leave the office for 10 min and My Fiancée (Amanda) decides to steal the show!! Well ya’ll are in for a treat this week! Amanda decided to hop on and share a few tips for the ladies tuning in (men pay attention) to learn how to “Ask for […]

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25 September 2013
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