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Discover the inspiring journey of Brandon James Duncan, a 38-year-old serial entrepreneur, author, athlete, and devoted father from Portland, Oregon. Brandon’s focus on becoming a better man each day while making a positive impact on others is truly commendable. Join me, Gary Halbert, as I explore what the world needs more of—self-love, unconditional love, connection, community, and compassion. Brandon’s wow factor lies in his exceptional ability to connect and relate to others, fostering deep and intimate relationships that lead to mutual growth and expansion. His life-changing experience of losing his brother on his birthday inspired him to seek meaningful connections with others. Tune in to find inspiration from Brandon’s journey of self-discovery and commitment to making the world a better place.

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29 October 2018

Hey Team!! I am BEYOND excited to share with you 3 simple tips in this weeks episode of JRCTv to help you BRING SEXY BACK into your Relationship! That is a fun way of saying this week I will be sharing 3 simple tips to help you add more PASSION, JOY and INTIMACY into your […]

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14 August 2013
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