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The Art of Effective Storytelling in Leadership

In today’s age of constant information bombardment, truly connecting with your team can feel like a marathon. Yet, there’s a secret weapon leaders have at their disposal: the age-old art of storytelling. Dive in with us as we unpack how masterful tales can be a leader’s key to unparalleled success. Rather than getting lost in […]

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28 August 2023

Who is in your crew? There is a saying – bad association spoils useful habits. Meaning, if you are hanging around people who are practicing bad habits, while it doesn’t mean you will automatically have the same bad habits they do, it may deter you from practicing your good habits. For example, if you are […]

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9 April 2019

During this 100 day challenge we are going to be focused on simple daily actions that can help you be the happiest + healthiest + strongest + most fulfilled version of yourself!! Along with specific tactics you can use to grow your business & $$ as well!

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9 January 2019

  Today we sit down with one of our featured Performance Coach University expert’s Mr. Roberto Monaco of http://influenceology.com/   Let me give you some background. When I first starting my coaching and speaking career, I worked and practiced on my presentation over and over again. It was pretty good, or so I thought. Then […]

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6 June 2017

Discover the art of powerful storytelling with Jairek Robbins. Unravel the seven key elements of a compelling narrative that can change minds, inspire action, and influence decisions. Perfect for writers, marketers, and leaders alike. Step into the world of impactful storytelling today!

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14 March 2012
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