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  Today we are talking about a topic that just about everyone on earth comprehends but very few people experience regularly.   LOVE – the feeling, the act of, the sharing of… That feeling that can drive a man to climb mountains and can give you a reason to live!   That feeling that reminds you what you […]

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21 January 2015

  Many of us are always looking for a way to better communicate and to build a deeper level of trust in relationships.   Others may simply be looking for a way to end disappointment, doubt, frustration, and hurt in their relationship (or future relationship).   If you can relate to either one of these, […]

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19 August 2014

I love love, not just any love though. I love authentic love. It’s beautiful, it’s sacred, and priceless. (keyword: priceless) While love seems to permeate through the air during February, there’s something else that does as well: inauthenticity. [youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbuTzkH99d4″ width=”550″ height=”340″] Therefore this week, I want to talk how about to be authentic in […]

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11 February 2014

 On today’s episode of JRCtv, We will share with you incredibly powerful insight on woman and how to love them even more than we already do!! Specifically, we will cover why women need to “vent” and how you can truly be their hero when they do. SEE ALSO: The Best Relationship Advice Experts FAIL To […]

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23 October 2013

Hi there! I am curious… Are YOU getting the MOST out of YOUR Relationship? What about out of this moment and stage of your life? Well this week on JRCTv we focus on helping you take a moment and identify what it is that you WANT out of this stage and moment of your life […]

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14 June 2013

Hello Friends!!!   Welcome back to another AMAZING Episode of JRCTv. Today we are going to be answering a few questions that were sent in from our good friend Nina in Last Vegas! Her first questions is on behalf of a bunch of her girlfriends out in Las Vegas who are all wondering… “How do […]

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6 March 2013
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