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As we wrap up our stay in Costa Rica and prepare for our 16 day, 7 country Rapid Results Retreat, it couldn’t be a better time for a health and fitness episode of JRCtv. This week we are focusing on creating a healthy and fit lifestyle while traveling. Whether you’re on a cruise ship, on […]

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5 December 2013

 Join me this week as we talk to Croix Sather (this guy ran across AMERICA on FOOT, Broke a WORLD RECORD, wrote 4 books…etc.) he is basically AMAZING and is going to tell you how to be as well 🙂 In this weeks episode of JRCTv we talked with Croix Sather on the topic of […]

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31 July 2013

Hey Team! Welcome back to another episode of JRCTv — This week we are focused on some simple tips for healthy eating as well as featuring a special guest (Alex Osante) who is actually my good friend and personal trainer! Alex joins us this week to walk us through some simple tips for exercises that […]

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9 April 2013
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