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Guest: Caleigh Haber-Takayama . Age: 28 . Location: Los Angeles . Bio: Born and raised along the California coast, Caleigh was diagnosed at birth with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that causes thick and sticky mucus to clog the airways in the lungs and affect many other organs in the body. Growing up, Caleigh stayed healthy through sports […]

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15 October 2018

Guest Monica Lucero Website: https://www.MonicaLuceroWellness.com Location: San Francisco, CA Bio: Monica is a holistic health coach in San Francisco, CA. Integrating fitness, mindfulness and clean eating self-care practices, she helps her clients achieve the mental and physical clarity required to live their passions. She herself has overcome a back injury, thyroid autoimmune disorder, and depression through […]

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29 August 2018

Today’s JRCtv episode is literally for every individual on the planet, so make sure you share this one!   The inspiration for this message came from advice my dad shared with me many years ago, which brought with it great peace of mind. This advice helped me lift the extreme weight I was carrying on my shoulders […]

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25 August 2015

If you’re feeling exhausted, burnt out, or like you’ve hit a wall, there’s a good chance you may be experiencing adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue is something many people suffer from and they don’t even know it. When feeling drained, many people look for a quick ‘pick me up’ in the form of sugar, caffeine, or […]

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3 June 2014
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