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  Undoubtably, there are somethings you may find yourself doing that you dread. Maybe its laundry, maybe it’s dishes, maybe it’s fixing IT problems… complete energy drainer, right?   Well I’ve got some good news for you – this week, we’re focused on how to fall in love with boring tasks. I promise this is a […]

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12 December 2016

Join Jairek Robbins in this insightful blog post as he delves into the meaning of patience and its significance in life. Reflect on moments when more patience is needed and explore various reactions to life’s challenges. Discover how stress and giving up can hinder growth, while embracing the belief that everything happens as it should cultivates resilience. Share your thoughts and strategies for improving patience in the comments, and learn from others on this journey of personal growth.

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28 August 2015
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