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Have you ever wanted to accomplish something and thought “This is it! Once I get this one thing (a new job/new car/new home/new boyfriend or girlfriend) then I’ll be happy, successful and worry-free.” Once it happens, of course, you find yourself still empty on the inside and not nearly as happy and fulfilled as you […]

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9 April 2014

Hey Team! Welcome back to another episode of JRCTv.com! This week we are going to be helping you discover how to turn your Passions into Profits by adding MASSIVE VALUE to the community around you through living your PASSIONS and Monetizing the value you add! In order to assist you in doing this I created a […]

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28 May 2013

Sooooo this has been an EXCITING journey so far! We started out at the temple in Thailand learning that we MUST Live Our Passion Daily! Then we ventured down the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, exploring the canals, and learning Step #2 – That we MUST add MASSIVE VALUE to the community around us through living […]

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3 January 2013

So… Hope you enjoyed the lesson in part 1! I am sure a few of you thought “DUH! of course I want to be living my PASSION everyday… BUT HOW!?” or others might have the thought “Yes I am PASSIONATE about _______X________ (Dancing, Singing, Teaching, Learning, Being an amazing mom/dad, travel…etc.) BUT how in the […]

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6 December 2012

Hi All! I am VERY EXCITED to share with you Step #1 of what I call “The Foundational Freedom Formula” This formula was designed to assist people in living with all call the life style of the “New Rich” (and usually not famous). It is the life style that is designed to help you start […]

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4 December 2012

Join Jairek Robbins as he challenges you to dream without limitations. In this thought-provoking post, Jairek invites you to visualize your ideal life without financial constraints, urging you to chase your dreams boldly and live your life to the fullest.

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24 November 2012
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