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Guest: Ben Freeman . Age: 41 . Location: New York City . Bio: Ben has extensive experience in both the physical and financial commodities markets; he has invested capital across multiple market cycles and transacted commodity products globally. Ben currently runs his own consulting business, Ben Freeman LLC. Ben also founded the commodity merchant business HudsonField to opportunistically acquire […]

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24 October 2018

Guest: Josh Macin   Age: 29   Location: Berkeley CA   Bio: Josh Macin was the 2010 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion and the 2012 Pan-American champion. Suddenly, in October of 2013, he began to experience debilitating panic attacks, suicidal despair, and gut-wrenching anxiety. After pharmaceutical drugs provided no relief, he found himself on a hero’s journey – traveling to […]

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19 October 2018

Guest: Marino Duran Age: 27 years old Location: Ann Arbor, Mi Bio: Marino Durán was born in a poor town in the Dominican Republic. When he was 5-years old, he immigrated to the United States — not knowing a word of English. Yet, currently, Marino works as an engineer for General Motors, one of the world’s […]

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21 September 2018

      There is something magical about the 4th of July. There’s the feeling of impending fun, the magic of fireworks, the warmth of family and friends or maybe just some well-needed rest.   It’s with that same momentum that we encourage you to not just celebrate independence, but claim and declare it for […]

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3 July 2018

  This week we had the pleasure of interviewing 2x World Champion, Aubrey Huff on his journey in sports and life after sports. This fascinating interview takes us from the moment he decided baseball was his passion and life plan… to that plan becoming his only Plan.   After declaring to his mother at eight years […]

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13 March 2018

  EMPOWERMENT The definition of empowerment is: em·pow·er·ment noun authority or power given to someone to do something. the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.   In the Journey to empowerment, what role does asking for help play?   When is the last time you […]

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25 October 2017
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